Your Essential Checklist: Getting Your Car Ready For Its MOT

Your Essential Checklist: Getting Your Car Ready For Its MOT

Putting your car in for its MOT can be a stressful experience are you sure there's not something wrong with your vehicle that will cause it to fail, because you were unable to spot the signs ahead of time and get your car serviced.

However, thanks to this handy checklist and our expert services here at SGH Bodyworks, we're able to help you identify key areas of your vehicle to get checked out as well as offer a service to get any issues sorted ahead of your MOT. We can even carry out the MOT for you, by appointment, to give you a simple and stress-free experience.

A car's bodywork is one of the major areas where a vehicle can fail its MOT, not least of all because repairing issues yourself is difficult and time consuming. All bodywork must be free from damage and corrosion across all parts of the body, including bonnet, boot, doors and the main bodywork. Whether it, repairs or complete replacements of panels, we can get your vehicle repaired to avoid an MOT failure.

Vehicle Lights
One of the most common areas where vehicles fail on an MOT is on vehicle lights, whether it, headlights, indicators, fog lights or break lights. If any bulbs are dead or the coloured coating has come away on your indicators, then this can contribute to an MOT fail so you want to get them replaced as soon as possible. Damaged fittings should also be replaced by one of our professional mechanics to ensure proper installation or perfectly working components.

Tyres & Wheels
Ensuring your wheels and tyres are in good condition is vital to ensure a pass on your MOT, so being able to spot problems ahead of time means you can get them sorted without risking a potential fail. Always check your tyres tread depth to ensure that there's the legal minimum of 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tyre. If there's uneven wear, this could a sign of bad wheel alignment or issues with this so get this checked and serviced as soon as possible.

Whether your Mazda, Saab or any other make or model of car is in need of some repairs ahead of its MOT test with us, you can rely on us here at SGH Bodyworks to undertake the work professionally and on time‚ & with a reliable and stress-free MOT service as well.

For more information on our body repair, mechanical repair and MOT services, simply call us today on 0117 941 4010 or contact us instantly using our website's contact form. A friendly and knowledgeable member of our team will be happy to deal with any questions or enquiries you might have, and help get your vehicle booked in for a service or MOT.

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