Lotus & Mazda Specialists

Lotus & Mazda Specialists

Lotus Specialists

Welcome to SGH Bodyworks, your local Lotus specialists. We specialise in Lotus servicing and Lotus repairs throughout the local area. There are many excellent, high-performance Lotuses on the market and they need specialist care and attention to keep them at the top of their game.

We can offer a Lotus service that meets the same high standard a Lotus dealership will provide, but at competitive independent prices. Established since 1989, we've worked with many models in the Lotus range over the years, and are confident that we can provide not just a thorough servicing, but repairs for any fault you may find. So next time you have a problem with your Lotus, why not get in touch with the local Lotus specialists?

Mazda Specialist Repairs

We are also trained for Mazda specialist repairs. At our workshop in Bristol we have specialist equipment and innovative software allowing us to quickly perform Mazda fault diagnosis and provide efficient repairs.

We can provide our Mazda servicing and repairs at competitive prices with exclusive Owner's Club discounts. Our technicians are all fully trained experts in Mazda repairs, and we've worked with many different models over the years. Due to our expert knowledge and quality equipment and parts, much of our business now comes from returning customers and word of mouth recommendations.

So why not see what we can do for your Mazda? If you're looking for Mazda specialist repairs in Bristol, get in touch with SGH Bodyworks.