Fast, friendly and good value service, very pleased.

"I was having an OK day then things started to go downhill until SGH saved the day. The warning light came on in the car to say my tyre pressure was low, not ideal having just purchased four new tyres. So I took the car back to the tyre fitters. This is when the day got worse! They found that the wheel had cracked, something I now know is common with my model of car.

The fitter tells me my only option is to buy a new wheel at a cost of just under a monkey plus fitting but they can't supply and sent me on my way, thanks for nothing! At this point I was stressed, a cracked wheel loosing pressure, possibility of knackering my new run flat tyres, no space saver and no pump and an hours journey home at the end of the day. So googled "can you repair alloy wheels:- Bristol" and got through to Simon. What a saviour! Told him about my problem and Simon calmly said no worries we can sort that, bring the car down and we will pop a space saver on and have the wheel repaired and ready tomorrow. Overwhelmingly relieved is probably an understatement. The repair was flawless, the wheel runs as good as new and at a fantastic price, I can't thank Simon enough.

I would certainly recommend SGH Bodyworks for their fantastic friendly service, quality and price. Thank you."

Phil S,

Hi Simon, Sorry this has taken so long! bit of an issue with the email address.... I visited SGH after another local repairer completely messed up a crash repair on my Honda S2000 not just once but 3 times in a row over the course of 3 months causing me a complete nightmare.


Simon at SGH stripped the car down to establish exactly what they had done to it and it wasn't pretty...he took pictures of the problems and informed my insurers that the job was not in any way satisfactory and assured me they could get it sorted for me, and they did. SGH completely removed all the damage caused by the original repairer (Simon even invited me in while the repair was going on to make sure I was happy all the way through) and I now have my S2000 looking like new!


I can't thank you enough, and would recommend you to anyone who is looking for their car to be treated in the professional manner you would expect from a high end bodyshop. Thanks again all at SGH! Just give me a call when you want the car in again.... Best regards, Tom